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Busy Business Accounting Software Ver 16 6.3

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BusyWin 16.6.3 is an accounting program to be run under Windows. It´s capable of keeping accounting for multiple companies, with several different currencies, and multiple locations.. Busy Win (Windows-based BUSY) offers the possibility of customization. The customization could be in terms of:

• Generation of some Organization-specific Report / MIS

• Generation of Organization-specific Data Entry Screens

Such a solution, consisted of a standard BusyWin coupled with the customized software developed as per the requirement of the organization, is termed as BUSY Enterprise Solution.

To understand the concept of the same, we will first have to understand the architecture of BusyWin.

BusyWin (BUSY 16) has been designed using three-tier architecture.

First tier is the front-end. This tier accepts inputs from the user and gives the desired reports.

Second tier is business logic that is invoked by the front-end (first tier) to write or read data from the databases.

Third tier is the actual databases where the data is stored.


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