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MM Consultant Year End Activities

Posted by sapides on October 25, 2013 at 1:20 PM

What are the year end activities as far as MM is concerned?

What are the month end & year end activities of a MM Consultant?As a year end activity maintenance of GR/IR clearing a/c is usuallytaken care by FI consultant.

Month End Closing:

a. MM period closing, using MMPV (this initializes the one period andat the same time it closes the previous one).

b. Physical Inventory if required.

c. Material Ledger Closing (If material ledger is activated).

Year End Closing:

a. GR/IR Clearing Account settlement.

Account balance i.e. GR/IR clearing, these accounts may have some differencedue to credit memos generated and no deliveries for the same or may beno GR posting for later deliveries because of the closed period.

b. Physical Inventory. (Run T Code MI22 - look at "Doc status" - anyopen PI not yet Post Difference)

c. Material Ledger Closing (If material ledger activated).


From MM point of view note down the followings:

1) Check for open POs which are pending for GR (which are supposed tobe posted in current year).

2) Check for open Physical inventory docs.

3) Check for Subcontracting that are still pending (which are supposedto be posted in current year).

4) Make sure all goods movements are completed in current year.

5) For excise number ranges - there is a list objects from which youneed to maintain the number ranges,

Please maintain the number ranges for the following objects:

T.Code: SNRO

1. j_1iintnum 

At an Excise group 

1. j_1irg23a1 

2. j_1irg23a2 

3. j_1iRG1 

4. j_1irg23c1 

5. j_1irg23c2 

6. j_1ipla2 

7. j_1iintpr2 

8. j_1irg23d 

9. j_1irg1_t (material level) 

10. j_1iconpla (if Consolidated PLA is used) 

At Series group 

1. j_1iexcloc 

2. j_1iexcexp 

3. j_1idepinv 

4. j_1i57Fc (57F Challans) 

2. Number Range (Tcode OMBT)

1. Number range assignment for Accounting Documents (Finance).

2. Number range assignment for Material and Physical inventory document

3. Number range assignment for Goods receipt or issue slips.

4. Maintenance of factory calendar (Tcode SCAL).

Note: It is absolutely up to your company if you want or not to usethe same number range in the New Year.


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