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SAP Material Management Requirements Gathering Questionaire

Posted by sapides on October 25, 2013 at 1:20 PM

You can used the following questions as areference to gather user requirements information.Materials / Plants

1) Is the value of a material the same throughout the company, or canthe value of the same material be different in different plants?

2) Will negative Stocks be allowed in any plants?  

3) Do you need special plants for your maintenance work apart from thecommon logistics plants?

4) How does material move between plants (for example, using purchaseorders or not)?


1) Shall purchasing groups represent individual buyers or groups ofbuyers? If Groups of buyers, provide a list of groups.

2) Which purchasing departments exist in your enterprise?

3) if there is more than one department, which handles all purchasing,specify which department(s) negotiates pricing terms and conditions withyour suppliers.

4) Do you have departments outside your purchasing department, whichhandle purchasing?  If so, list these departments and what they purchase.

5) How do you procure materials/services in your enterprise?

6) Which material types/external services do you procure?

7) Do you have corporate and localized purchasing functions?

8) Do you negotiate vendor pricing at a corporate or local level?

Storage Location

1) List the storage locations that you will need for each Plant.

2) Will negative Stocks be allowed in any storage locations?  Ifyes, specify the storage locations.

3) Are there any stocks in your company that you own, but that are notstored in your company physically?

4) Explain your strategy(s) regarding material receiving and productpicking.

5) Does each part have a unique location or can they be stored anywhere?

6) Are your hazardous substances stored in separate storage locations(i.e. does anything prevent you from storing them together)? How many hazardoussubstance warehouses are there in each plant?

Return Delivery

1) Will you be required to retain costs for material that is inspectedas a result of a stock purge?

A: [  ] Yes

     [  ] No

2) Will you create action plans/tasks for this defective material?

A: [  ] Yes

     [  ] No

3) Do you enter data (for example, defects, characteristic results,specific findings) on the defective material found in the stockroom oron the shop floor?

A: [  ] Yes

     [  ] No

4) Do you have to inspect/re-inspect defective material found in yourstockroom or on the production floor?

A: [  ] Yes

     [  ] No

5) Which documentation should accompany the goods that are returnedto the vendor?

6) Describe the handling of inspection lots where the usage decisionhas determined that they are to be rejected and returned to the vendor.



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